A Farewell on Lake Lemon

This past Sunday marked the last club tournament for IU bass this year. It took place on Lake Lemon not too far from Bloomington. With the tournament being moved back to the weekend before finals, many of us saw this as a way to get away from the books and rip some lips on the lake. With varying weather temperatures and days of rain, sun, and cloudy conditions, it was up for grabs on where they fish would be.

With the last cast of the day junior Bryce Amberg caught his last fish, giving him the win for the day with 7.06 pounds. “I thought I would get a bite on top water, but I wasn’t having any luck so I decided to try out a jig and right away I had two keepers. That’s when I decided that I would stick with the jig for the rest of the day,” said Bryce Amberg. It seems like his favorite technique, “whatever is working for the day” paid off. Once again, the black and blue color combo reigned, and with some finessing around the lily pads, grass, rocks, and sticks the fish were being caught. Final weigh in weights were as followed

1. Bryce Amberg – 7.09 lbs.

2. Sean Gillenwater – 6.15 lbs.

3. (tie) Steven Bressler – 6.08 lbs. (Big Bass 5.01 lbs.), and Derrick Hoffman 6.08 lbs.

4. Chris Weiss – 5.04 lbs.

5. Zach Wojtowicz – 4.13 lbs.

As the weigh in dwindled to an end we said goodbye to our seniors Zach Wojtowicz, Dustin Vaal, Derrick Vaal, Steven Bressler, Clint Shireman, Chris Weiss, Michael Hackman, Chris Sweany, and Brady Phillippi. We will miss their company, stories, and knowledge. But next year is around the corner, their curly blonde locks, Chatterbait attacks, prop washes, and stories will be with us as we start a new season. IU Bass seniors, keep your lines tight, and keep rippin’ lips.

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